• Practical tips for starting an indoor recreation center (download pdf)
  • Standards and regulations for play structures (download pdf)

Which standards should play structures meet?

A European standard has recently become active. The EN 1176 - 1177 standard is applicable to all professional play structures. The standard distinguishes various types of structures. Moreover, the managers of leisure centers are to keep a logbook in which all play structures are inventoried and all such modifications and inspections are kept. For further information please refer to the "Standards and regulations for play structures"

Maintenance of the play structures

The Ameco play structures are designed with minimal maintenance costs in mind. The maintenance frequency depends on the number of visitors, and the type of structure. Often, a weekly maintenance is adequate

Cost effectiveness of an indoor playground project

Although it is impossible without knowing the project's own specifications, some information guidelines can help to assist you in preparing a financial plan. We like to refer to the practical tips for starting an indoor recreation project”