Indoor playground structures

International manufacturer Ameco Playgrounds offers indoor playground structures of high quality for the best price. There are all kinds of structures to choice from. Or you could let us manufacture your own design according to your specifications.

Play structures
Ameco Playgrounds has all sort of indoor and outdoor structures for play areas, playgrounds and recreation centres. We offer great indoor playground structures of limited, mid and large size. Our structures are made according to international safety standards and very strict quality demands. Children can easily play safe in your indoor playground. You can choose from standards structures or you could use these standard playgrounds as an inspiration for your own design.

Your own playground
Ameco Playgrounds has the best indoor playground structures to place in your building. You can read more information on our products on this website. To obtain further information, please fill in the info request form or send your e-mail to

Here you can see our realizations

De Nekker te Mechelen

Den Deugeniet te Ekeren

Imagipark te Mons (B)

Fun Oase te Leuven

Foto's van realisaties

Parc Oxyg

Kidzcity te Utrecht (NL)

Het Zotte Clowntje (B)

Quick Restaurant te Lier (B)

Pairi Daiza

Aquatopia te Antwerpen

Wakiki Dschungel land